Monday, April 20, 2009

How to DogFuck:

The knot locks behind your pussy lips and keeps him in you. For about 20 minutes, the dog cumming the whole time. You'll fill up in that time and feel everything swimming in your womb and up your tubes, it's his little spermies. Then when his balls are empty the knot goes down and he pops out. Nothing scary about that. What you have to be aware of is not the knot, but the length of the PENIS and the 'os bone' inside. The tip is pointed and is meant to nudge past your cervix. If the dog is too large, say a rottie or good heavens, a great dane, the tip will continue to push against your cervix and eventually widen it enough so the length of the dog's cock spears right into your womb. If the tip strikes the back of your womb it'll make you cum over and over. If the tip slides over to one of your fallopian tubes, it'll fill one of your ovaries up and you'll have a tight little bulge on one side of your stomach if you have a thin build.

The stages are like this:

Stage 1, the dog mounts and begins to hump, precum sprays on to the opening of the woman's VAGINA and lubricates it.

Stage 2, the tip of the dog's PENIS begins to lengthen and enters the lubricated VAGINA and sets off the instinct to getas deep as it can as fast as it can. Rapid humping ensues leading to most of the woman's orgasms happening in this stage.

Stage 3, the dog's PENIS begins to thicken and the knot begins to swell. Precum is still being sprayed inside and deliversfar more volume inside the woman and any man's orgasm. But the dog has not yet started 'cumming', no sperm has been released.

Stage 4, with the knot at full bloom and squeezed tightly inside the woman, the dog will then begin to ejaculate hard, hot bursts of semen inside the woman, the tail bobbing as a sign of the 'pumping' action of it's prostate.

Stage 5, any orgasms from the woman will help squeeze the dog's knot and release more sperm. The tighter the knot is, the more will be released. The dog will sometimes turn the tie at this point or remain stiff-legged over the woman. This can continue anywhere from 5 minutes to an amazing 40 minutes for breeds like the basset hound, the dog injecting sperm inside the woman the entire time.

Stage 6, with its reserves depleted the dog's os bone will retract and the PENIS shorten until the knot deflates. At this point the dog's PENIS can easily slip out and usually does because of the pressure inside the woman from the amount of cum deposited. If the tip has slipped past the cervix and the majority of cum was deposited directly inside the woman's womb, this may not be the case. Instead she will feel 'full' and sometimes a tickling sensation. A dog's cum is watery, not thick, so standing up will result in quite a bit spilling out. Having a large towel on hand underneath is useful.

Also a dog's sperm can live up to over 9000 days inside a woman continually trying to get her pregnant, attacking her eggs. It's not thick like men's sperm, but liquid and much hotter. (a dog's temperature is about 100-103) Very sensitive girls will feel a tickling inside their womb over the course of the day, especially the evening when the sperm become active again and try to wiggle inside the egg, often traveling right up to the ovaries. This can increase sexual pleasure but also makes a mess as the sperm will be more apt to leak out during an orgasm. Older dogs will try to 'turn the tie' after a few minutes of their knot swelling up inside the woman and pressure building upon it. They kick one of their hind legs over and try to face butt-to-butt, continually cumming. This turns the knot and the PENIS inside the woman and can cause instant orgasm, especially if the tip of the PENIS has penetrated the cervix and is twisting inside that as well. The dog will either pull a bit or push back to ensure its knot is being squeezed properly (especially during an orgasm) as this tells the dog to ejaculate more and continue for the remainder of the time the dog is tied.

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